Metal Prints
Metal prints have a unique modern look and feel. The image is infused onto the surface of a 0.045" aluminum panel with a glossy surface and have have 1/8" rounded corners. This creates a bold, vibrant, high definition appearance on a durable, easy to clean surface.
All metal prints are ready-to-hang with installed hardware. 

Virtually any size print can be made, so if the size you would like is not listed, send a message!
Canvas Prints
A printed canvas is stretched around a fir wood stretcher bar in two width options: 
Thin 0.75", or standard 1.5". 
They are ready-to-hang with installed wire hanging hardware.

You also have the options regarding the wrap style. Referring to photo above, the edge can be a continuation or mirror of the photo (bottom), white, or black. Becky may make a recommendation depending on your chosen photo.

Virtually any size print can be made, so if the size you would like is not listed, send a message!
To order Metal or Canvas Prints, click below:
Acrylic Prints
Fine art acrylic prints are a contemporary, cutting-edge media with vivid colors and stunning depth. A giclée print is face-mounted to a sheet of cast acrylic using optically clear, archival adhesive and cut to size. Acrylic prints are displayed using a shadow mount, attaching a 0.5" deep aluminum frame to the back of the print, allowing it to "float" on your wall.
These acrylic prints are available in two different finishes:
High Gloss demonstrates enhanced colors to create a bold display that will visually pop off the wall. It has a glossy look with a striking color profile, but is not recommended for strong direct lighting situations due to high glare.
Smooth Matte significantly reduces glare and reflection, creating a smoother, softer visual effect. This finish is ideal for direct lighting situations.
At no additional cost, there are two options for the edge cut: straight or beveled
To order custom sizes or Acrylic Prints, please fill out the form:
Thank you! I will get back to you ASAP
Prices do not include tax or shipping. Shipping costs vary and will be calculated after your order is requested.
Please note that cropping may be applied depending on the dimensions of the product ordered versus the dimensions of the original photo. The cropping will be applied at the discretion of the photographer, but the final cropped image may be previewed by the buyer upon request before the order is completed.

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